Zagorje by e-bike: rental, routes & delivery.

experience the zagorje

Zagorje by e-bikes

Zagorje is a special story: hills, valleys, plains, turns, forests, streams, castles and sights.

With e-bike and routes – the fairy tale is truly in the palm of your hand.

get to know stubica area

The routes

of Stubica

Explore the wider surroundings of Stubicke Toplice, vineyards, wineries, old oak houses as they once lived, greenery, forests, clean air and fairytale views. Take a Stubica sights tour or reach Maria Bistrica.

Taking the e-bikes is also possible at the hotel Matija Gubec (by appointment).

our vision

eBikeTour concept

Delivery of e-bikes and equipment to the address of your stay in Hrvatsko Zagorje (hotel, private accommodation) for self-guided e-bike tour of the wider environment by suggested routes and navigation with your own smartphone.

ride guided

Self navigation

and routes

e-Bikes are equipped with universal smartphone holder, you have smartphones and we provide routes. Take advantage of these benefits and enjoy carefree and purposeful Zagorje values.

a new experience

The e-bike takes you further

A visit to the Croatian Zagorje itself is an opportunity for you to fulfill your activity in nature and in the fresh air. eBicycles will ensure you get to know the surroundings and the sights that surround you too.




BOSCH-powered electric CUBE mountain bikes will make it easier to ride the hilly Zagorje region and the gravel sections.


Unforgettable Experience

The ease of handling longer routes and hilly areas with an e-bike is a special experience. If we add sightseeing routes, sights, attractions, and views to it – we’ve made the experience unforgettable.

If you are starting from Stubičke Toplice – we suggest an excellent route to visit Stubica sights: as many as 7.

route suggestion



With e-bike you can visit all the important sights of the Stubica area on your own: The birthplace of Matija Gubec, the Living Archive of the Gubec linden tree, the Ethno-willage Fragrant Antiques, the Gubec linden tree, the Rudolf Peresin Memorial park, the monument to M. Gubec and the Oršić castle. Watch the video!

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for sure

More ride

Enjoy longer routes with eBicycles, even with average fitness.

route suggestion

From Stubaki to

Marija Bistrica

If you are starting from Stubičke Toplice or nearby places, this route takes you to the Marija Bistrica sanctuary. The round trip itself takes an average of 3.5h and a route length of 50km.

ride guided

With Google Maps - on the right way

Almost all of us have smartphones and the Google Maps app. Take advantage of that and drive purposefully. It’s easy to use.

All Zagorje routes

Plenty of routes


A lot of Zagorje cycling routes can be found at:
48 routes, 1,626km, 74 attractions.

our mission

With e-bike through the fairy tale

We are really pleased if we were able to provide you with the opportunity to visit the hilly areas on your own without much effort, riding on e-bike, for the purpose of exploring the wider surroundings, sightseeing of natural beauties, cultural and historical sights, while enjoying the bike ride itself and the views of the fairytale landscapes of the Croatian Zagorje.

look around

Fairy tale


The Zagorje landscapes are hilly in shape, with e-bikes becoming palm-like. Learn about local roads and fabulous views.


e-bikes at

your address

Stubičke Toplice, Tuheljske Toplice, Krapinske Toplice or some other fairytale spot in the Zagorje region – you have made a good choice. We know you enjoy it. e-bikes are delivered to your address in Krapina-Zagorje County.