CUBE e-mountainbikes

A quality and reliable electric bike is one of the prerequisites for a safe and comfortable ride. There is no compromise here.

size selection

Available sizes: 17 "and 19"

Veličina rame 17″ prosječno odgovara osobama višim od 160cm.

Veličina rame 19″ prosječno odgovara osobama višim od 175cm.

The frame size 17″ average fits people over 160cm.

The frame size 19″ average fits people over 175cm.


BOSCH Active Line Plus

BOSCH Active Line Plus Drive with 400Wh battery provides assistance with pedal rotation. As you turn – the system helps you. Up to 25km/h.

movement safety

Shimano brakes and shifter

Shimano hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, as well as a 9-speed gearbox provide excellent handling on both the hills and the valleys.


Choose level

You decide how much you want the engine to help you: eco – 25%, tour – 100%, sport – 180%, turbo – 270%.
While driving, you can change it at any time as you wish.

extended range

It's easier with e-bikes

Električni bicikli su ipak samo bicikli, a Zagorski bregi su ipak bregi. No sa električnim biciklima prevaliti ćete i do 5 puta veće udaljenosti nego sa klasičnim biciklom – koristeći istu snagu. Uspone koje smo klasničnim biciklima prelazili s mukom, sada savladavamo sa zadovoljstvom , uz iskustvo posebnog osjećaja snage pri pokretanju pedala.

Electric bikes are just bikes, though, and the Zagorje hills are still bikes. However, with electric bikes you will travel up to 5 times the distance of a classic bike – using the same power. The climbs that we used to cross the classic bikes with difficulty, we now overcome with pleasure, with the experience of a special sense of power when starting pedals.